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S-Cube newsfeed | Latest XWITM developments


S-Cube takes on India’s energy exploration opportunities with elastic multi cost function FWI - a game changer for correcting distortions in current seismic imaging. 

Woodside Energy and S-Cube will present Enabling techniques for economical and efficient cloud-based FWI at the Image'23: The International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy conference in Houston. 

S-Cube and Woodside Energy will present Sub-salt model building and imaging with WAZ data: An FWI-based data-driven workflow at the Image'23: The International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy in Houston. 


AWS, Woodside Energy and S-Cube will present FWI at Speed of Cloud at the Image'23: The International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy conference in Houston.

Wintershall DEA has showcased XWI for imaging previously unseen sub-basaltic sediments and deeper volcanic intrusions at 2023 EAGE Annual 84th Conference & Exhibition in Vienna in the session.

S-Cube and Wintershall DEA will present Sparse adaptive waveform inversion for rapid sub-basalt prospect identification at the 2023 EAGE Annual 84th Conference & Exhibition in Vienna. 

S-Cube's latest publication on the automated inversion sequence to derive the entire salt model from scratch using only FWI is now featured as the cover of The Leading Edge Volume 42 March 2023.

S-Cube has been selected to give a presentation at the 3rd EAGE Digitalisation Conference in London in the session "ML for seismic Domain I" on Monday 20th March at 11.30 a.m.

Keynote presentation delivered in Mexico City discussing the advanced cost functions needed to see below salt with FWI.

Rapid FWI model building and direct imaging featured on the booth of AspenTech at IMAGE22 in Houston - defining the salt geometry in 4 passes.

Visit AspenTech's booth at the EAGE Annual Exhibition on to learn more about S-Cube's tools and solutions. 

See the latest XWI developments and case studies presented at EAGE Annual Conference from 5-9 June 2022.

AVA directly from FWI applied to raw field data without any preprocessing - one of our latest developments at Seismic2022

Winner of the Micro Business of the Year category at the Growing Business Awards 2021.

FWI and Carbon Storage: game-changing technologies for the decarbonisation of energy.

S-Cube and Amazon Web Services accepted to present Reflection AWI: faster, better, deeper and smarter.

S-Cube is pleased to be nominated for Micro Business of the Year by the Growing Business of the Year Awards 2021.

See the latest XWI results run with the latest cost functions and fault-tolerant parallelisation presented here at the SEG Seismic Imaging on Cloud workshop, 3-4 August 2021.

S-Cube XWI joins 13 other ground-breaking solutions selected to launch the Amazon Web Services (AWS) High Performance Computing Competency.

First seismic imaging workload to break the barrier of 1m vCPU's - slashing run times with respect to an on prem equivalent by a factor of 150.

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