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S-Cube newsfeed | Latest XWITM developments


Winner of the Micro Business of the Year category at the Growing Business Awards 2021.

FWI and Carbon Storage: game-changing technologies for the decarbonisation of energy.

S-Cube and Amazon Web Services accepted to present Reflection AWI: faster, better, deeper and smarter.

S-Cube is pleased to be nominated for Micro Business of the Year by the Growing Business of the Year Awards 2021.

See the latest XWI results run with the latest cost functions and fault-tolerant parallelisation presented here at the SEG Seismic Imaging on Cloud workshop, 3-4 August 2021.

S-Cube XWI joins 13 other ground-breaking solutions selected to launch the Amazon Web Services (AWS) High Performance Computing Competency.

Woodside join a select few companies to utilise compute on this scale by controlling 1m vCPUs in parallel to coordinate a global search with S-Cube software XWI.

HPC in the cloud - article from ARM featuring S-Cube for trailblazing HPC in the cloud.

S-Cube is an AWS selected launch partner for custom ARM-based Graviton2 processors.

S-Cube utilise FSx synced to S3 for rapid XWI project start up using SeisSpace on AWS for trace pre-processing enabling the entire velocity model building workload to remain on the cloud for significant cost and time savings.

S-Cube Cloud

Run Full Waveform Inversion on the Cloud

Use XWITM on AWS to discover a step change in accuracy and resolution of your velocity model.

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