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Norwegian North Sea (NAZ)

Sub Basalt Model Building and Imaging

6 Hz | 10 Hz | 20 Hz | 40 Hz

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Gulf of Mexico Walker Ridge (OBN)

Sub Salt Model Building and Imaging

Start model | XWI 1a | XWI 1b | XWI 1c | XWI 2 | XWI 3

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North West Shelf Australia (NAZ)

Macro model updates from pure reflections

Start model | XWI 1 | XWI 2 | XWI 3

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Fully FWI based model building and imaging from legacy field data 

Conventional FWI gets trapped in local minima and has weak long wavelength updates at depth

Extremely simple starting model
Narrow azimuth streamer data*
Extremely challenging setting**
Norwegian North Sea complex basalts
GoM Walker Ridge complex salt
NWS Australia complex carbonates
*field data with limited offsets, missing low frequencies, and low signal to noise ratio
** locations with strong contrasts masking deeper reflectivity