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S-Cube delivering breakthrough Full Waveform Inversion capability

Use XWITM optimisation to gain a step-change in the resolution of your seismic velocity model


XWI Model

  • XWITM is a fully automated data-in model-out technique not relying on a conventional ray-based tomography stage in the workflow. 
  • The toolbox integrates CWI and RWI with AWITM and FWI to gain a considerable edge over codes applying industry-standard FWI alone.

Case Studies

A set of 3D field data deployments comparing the resolution achieved by AWITM relative to standard velocity model building techniques.


Chevron Data

Starting from a 1D model, AWITM was able to achieve a broadband velocity optimisation of reflection dominated data without the need for tomography.


Statoil Data

Starting from a 1D model, AWITM was able to avoid cycle-skipped miscovergence and resolve a gas anomaly overlying a North Sea target reservoir. 


Woodside Data

Starting from a featureless model, Woodside could pre-drill identify an untapped low velocity gas prospect thanks to S-Cube AWITM.

Woodside FutureLab

Woodside discusses S-Cube FWI methodology and its application in Myanmar. 

Industry Awards and Measures of Esteem

Academic founders internationally recognized as leaders in the field

Distinguished Awards


Award for Adaptive Waveform Inversion

2015 Guido Bonarelli Award


Award for advances in Full Waveform Inversion

2013 Best Paper in Geophysics


Key Presentations


Woodside AWI deployment in Myanmar

Full-bandwidth adaptive waveform inversion at the reservoir (2017)


Statoil AWI deployment in the North Sea

Imaging Beneath a Gas Cloud in the North Sea without Conventional Tomography (2017)

S-Cube Cloud

Try S-Cube Cloud with your Seismic Data

AWS-hosted Virtual Private Cloud for industry-leading Full Waveform Inversion.

Launch a cloud-optimised XWITM cluster in minutes - no need for a supercomputer.