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Introducing X-Waveform-Inversion (XWITM) technology - seeing the earth's low-carbon energy

Clearer imaging from existing data unlocking both cost and carbon savings
Adding billions of dollars in value through detecting bypassed reserves

The Brain Behind the Earth's Audio

We are an innovative deep tech spinout from a world-leading research group at Imperial College London, known for developing revolutionary Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technology for shaping the future of the energy industry.

S-Cube is taking this powerful technique, which can automatically reveal new understanding of the subsurface, to the next level through developments collectively known as XWITM and a cloud-native architecture for running them. 

The XWITM algorithm specifically harnesses sound waves reflected from the deepest interfaces within the earth, to generate a clearer image where needed most, to target reserves which lie hidden in seismically obscured zones.

This is the same technology required for mapping depleted reservoir formations viable for cost-effective CO2 injection and storage - viewed as an essential component of the move to a Net Zero Emissions economy.


XWI Differentiated Capabilities


  • adaptive (AWI) and reflection (RWI) cost functions, for more accurate model updates extending deeper down
  • optimization constraints (CWI), for dealing with highly contrasting geology
  • global search (QPSO), for multi-parameter inversion 

The integrated solution:

  • increases tolerance to starting model error
  • increases tolerance to missing low frequencies
  • provides a truer amplitude match to unseen well logs 

XWI Examples

Adaptive Waveform Inversion (AWI) was the underpinning theoretical breakthrough which led to the formation of S-Cube. Following the patented solution to a long standing problem in numerical optimisation, it was field trialed with three industry partners.

The novel cost function was able to demonstrate automated global minimum convergence (prediction error minimisation) with gradient-based steepest-descent optimisation from multiple starting points without the need for human intervention.

In each case, false local minimum convergence was avoided without the need for human-driven tomography.

Chevron- NW Australia

Chevron- NW Australia

Characterising a gas-filled low velocity producing field.

Equinor- North Sea

Equinor- North Sea

Defining a gas-filled low velocity drilling hazard.

Woodside- Myanmar

Woodside- Myanmar

Identifying a gas-filled low velocity exploration target.

S-Cube Growth and Energy Transition Milestones

Our growth is fully directed to matching the needs of the energy transition and laying the foundations for an integrated, decarbonised offshore energy system.

Three core innovations brought to you in XWITM:

  • a next-generation FWI optimisation toolbox for inverting reflected soundwaves at greater depths
  • a scalable cloud-native parallelisation to run the algorithm at high-speed 
  • an intelligent user-interface and multi-job submission system for automated hyperparameter tuning 
2014- Theoretical Breakthroughs

2014- Spin out

Patented theoretical breakthrough for redefining FWI cost function. Converging from raw data without low frequencies.

2018: On Prem to Cloud

2018- Cloud Transition

Taking the leap beyond vanilla FWI and homogenous constrained on-prem HPC systems.

2019: First Cloud Pilots

2019- First Cloud Pilots

Stress testing the XWITM EC2 Spot cloud architecture. Making error-prone human-driven FWI without hyperparameter optimisation a thing of the past.

2020-: AWI and RWI Pilots

2020- AWI and RWI Pilots

Laser focus on developing the XWI optimisation cost function toolbox. Introduce sensitivity to reflection moveout - invisible to standard FWI.

2021: Integrated Innovation

2021- Integrated Innovation

Raw data transforms to quantitatively accurate velocity model. Enhanced pre-drill predictive power at reservoir target depths.

2021: OGTC North Sea

2021- Net Zero North Sea

Awarded multi-million pound grants for interfacing imaging with inversion and deep learning with classic optimisation techniques.

Backed by major industry players for superior Full Waveform Inversion 

High Performance Computing on the Cloud on an unprecedented scale 

XWITM on AWS PoC Success

1000's of EC2 Spot workers

Burst Compute Capacity

Multiple Spot Fleets running in parallel

Four pillars of differentiated capability:



Predictive Power


Cloud-native architecture:

MPI-free parallelisation

Multi-scenario job submission

Parameter hyper-tuning

Woodside FutureLab

Early adopter Woodside discusses the benefits of Full Waveform Inversion in Myanmar Exploration. 


XWITM unlocking value in the Barents Sea

Use of adaptive cost function

Avoiding local minima

Elimination of human bias

Industry Awards and Measures of Esteem

Academic founders internationally recognised as leaders in the field

Distinguished Awards

The first major application of time-domain waveform inversion incorporating anisotropic wave propagation was conducted by founding members of S-Cube, a study which received the 2013 Best Paper in Geophysics.

Just a few years later, Adaptive Waveform Inversion (AWI) was patented and became the recipient of the Bonarelli Award in 2015 by the EAGE, the leading European professional organisation in petroleum geoscience for the long-standing problem in localised optimisation it was able to provide a solution for. 

AWI was the start of a non-stop development and growth in the story of S-Cube. This has paved the way for S-Cube to gain technical and business recognition for commercial achievement and innovation at the forefront of the energy sector.

2013 Best Paper in Geophysics

2013 Best Paper in Geophysics

S-Cube founders are recognised by the Society of Exploration Geophysics with the Best Paper Award for the study titled "Anisotropic 3D Full Waveform Inversion". 

2015 Guido Bonarelli Award

2015 Guido Bonarelli Award at EAGE

S-Cube were awarded Best Oral Presentation - "Adaptive waveform inversion - FWI without cycle skipping - theory" for a breakthrough new seismic inversion theory.

2019 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

2019 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Non stop growth. Our CEO, Nikhil Shah named Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at the UK Asian Business Awards presented by Gareth Thomas, Member of Parliament.

S-Cube Cloud

Run Full Waveform Inversion on the Cloud

Use XWITM on AWS to discover a step change in accuracy and resolution of your velocity model.