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Rapid Sub Salt Full Waveform Inversion - Revealing Untapped Sub Salt Prospectivity

4 passes to define the salt geometry from scratch using only FWI

S-Cube X-Wave Toolbox

X-Wave FWI Core Differentiators

A step change in automation and accuracy provided by:

  • AWI cost functions to tolerate lower quality starting models
  • RWI cost functions to extract updates from the deepest reflection points
  • EWI propagators to simulate complete physics efficiently
  • FTC cloud infrastructure to scale to high frequencies on the Spot Market 

Breakdown to show the base of salt reconstruction by FWI 

The critical step to determining accurate sub salt reflectivity

AspenTech Booth at IMAGE 22 feat. S-Cube X-Wave FWI

Pass 2 Start | Pass 2 Final | Pass 4 Final | Legacy

NW Shelf Australia - Blind Test

From raw data to reservoir definition - bypassing conventional workflows

Legacy streamer acquisition - no long offsets or low frequencies

FWI which cuts turnaround time and also cuts the need for new data

Model corrections leading to improved imaging in obscured zones

No ultra long offsets | No ultra low frequencies | No manual intervention 

S-Cube X-Wave Value Proposition

Without X-Wave                               With X-Wave

Blind test: unseen logs

High Performance Computing on the Cloud on an unprecedented scale 


Setting out in 2019 to deliver cutting edge technology with real-world impact.

2021 - Micro Business of the Year

2021 - Micro Business of the Year

S-Cube named winners at the Growing Business Awards 2021 with the judging panel commenting: "The business is highly scalable and expandable to new areas and has a clear mission and ambition."

2020 - LCD Growth Through Innovation Award

2020 - LCD Growth Through Innovation Award

S-Cube is shortlisted as a finalist for the Lloyds National Business Awards 2020 - Growth Through Innovation.

2019 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

2019 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Non stop growth. Our CEO, Nikhil Shah named Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at the UK Asian Business Awards presented by Gareth Thomas, Member of Parliament.

S-Cube Cloud

Run Full Waveform Inversion on the Cloud

Use X-Wave FWI on AWS or Azure to redefine your salt geometry in under 4 weeks