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Introducing X-Waveform-Inversion (XWITM) technology

Breakthrough imaging capability for a low-carbon energy future


XWI Core Differentiators

Next-generation Full Waveform Inversion with the following components:

  • AWI to tolerate lower quality starting models
  • RWI to extract updates from the deepest reflection points
  • CWI to deal with highly contrasting geology
  • QPSO to derive anisotropy from scratch 

Enabling accuracy and predictive power deeper down

Providing a step change in imaging quality from existing seismic data

Transforming raw data to final image without human intervention

Backed by major industry players for superior Full Waveform Inversion 

High Performance Computing on the Cloud on an unprecedented scale 

XWITM on AWS PoC Success

1000's of EC2 Spot workers

Burst Compute Capacity

Multiple Spot Fleets running in parallel

Four pillars of differentiated capability:



Predictive Power


Cloud-native architecture:

MPI-free parallelisation

Multi-scenario job submission

Hyper-parameter tuning

Woodside FutureLab

Early adopter Woodside discuss the benefits of Full Waveform Inversion in Myanmar Exploration. 


Enhanced imaging in the Barents Sea

Adaptive cost function

Avoiding local minima

Eliminating human bias

Industry Awards and Measures of Esteem

Academic founders internationally recognised as leaders in the field

Distinguished Awards

The first major application of time-domain waveform inversion incorporating anisotropic wave propagation was conducted by founding members of S-Cube, a study which received the 2013 Best Paper in Geophysics.

Just a few years later, Adaptive Waveform Inversion (AWI) was patented and became the recipient of the Bonarelli Award in 2015 by the EAGE, the leading European professional organisation in petroleum geoscience for the long-standing problem in localised optimisation it was able to provide a solution for. 

AWI was the start of a non-stop development and growth in the story of S-Cube. This has paved the way for S-Cube to gain technical and business recognition for commercial achievement and innovation at the forefront of the energy sector.

2013 Best Paper in Geophysics

2013 Best Paper in Geophysics

S-Cube founders are recognised by the Society of Exploration Geophysics with the Best Paper Award for the study titled "Anisotropic 3D Full Waveform Inversion". 

2015 Guido Bonarelli Award

2015 Guido Bonarelli Award at EAGE

S-Cube were awarded Best Oral Presentation - "Adaptive waveform inversion - FWI without cycle skipping - theory" for a breakthrough new seismic inversion theory.

2019 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

2019 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Non stop growth. Our CEO, Nikhil Shah named Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at the UK Asian Business Awards presented by Gareth Thomas, Member of Parliament.

S-Cube Cloud

Run Full Waveform Inversion on the Cloud

Use XWITM on AWS to discover a step change in accuracy and resolution of your velocity model.