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S-Cube is on a mission with one clearly defined focus. This is to create breakthrough Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technology to see under massive salt structures.

Since being spun out of a world-leading research group at Imperial College London led by Prof. Mike Warner, S-Cube has developed a proprietary algorithmic toolbox known as X-Wave for Full Waveform Inversion.

This is what differentiates S-Cube from the rest of the industry in terms of robustness for legacy data, speed and accuracy at depth.

Our journey journey has consisted of:

- AWI (2019) - initial field data application 

- FTC (2020) - AWS cloud spot market 

- AWI-RWI (2021) - blind test away from salt 

- FTC (2021) - AWS cloud native architecture 

- AWI-RWI (2022) - blind test below salt 

EAGE 2019 - London

S-Cube exhibition booth

ISC 2019 - Frankfurt

AWS exhibition booth

ADIPEC 2021 - Abu Dhabi

S-Cube Cloud

Run Full Waveform Inversion on the Cloud

Use X-Wave FWI on AWS or Azure to redefine your salt geometry in under 4 weeks