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S-Cube is on a mission with one clearly defined focus. This is to create breakthrough Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technology to see under massive salt structures.

Since being spun out of a world-leading research group at Imperial College London, S-Cube has developed a proprietary algorithmic toolbox known as X-Wave for Full Waveform Inversion.

This is what differentiates S-Cube from the rest of the industry in terms of tackling imaging of sub salt reflectivity in highly obscured zones and superceding conventional workflows with FWI.

Our journey journey has consisted of:

- AWI (2019) - proof of concept

- FTC (2020) - deployment on the cloud spot market 

- AWI-RWI (2021) - blind test away from salt

- FTC (2021) - deployment of a fully cloud-native architecture 

- AWI-RWI (2022) - blind test below salt

ISC 2019 - Frankfurt

ADIPEC 2021 - Abu Dhabi

S-Cube Cloud

Run Full Waveform Inversion on the Cloud

Use X-Wave FWI on AWS or Azure to redefine your salt geometry in under 4 weeks