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Shot Point Map

The input dataset consists of 5 sail lines with 485 shots seen per iteration. AWI uses a mapping rather than point to point difference to reduce misfit between predicted traces and field recordings. Through application of AWI+FWI, the trace fit accuracy (cosine similarity) is increased from 26.1% (iteration 1) to 77.5% (iteration 32).


Blind Well Test

The Woodside-operated Pluto field, discovered in 2005 with the Pluto-1 well, is situated in the North West Shelf of Australia in the Carnarvon basin 40km east of the Jansz field. The target is located below the continental slope in water depths ranging from 0.4 - 1km. 

The velocity parameter extraction (red) starts far from the sonic log (black) and significant movements are made to the starting model which allow it to align with the sonic log. The waveform inversion misfit reduction model update direction is calculated independently of the sonic log demonstrating the predictive power of the technique.


Eliminating Guesswork in Model Building

Impact of solving for the density contrast at the seabed.

Contrast too strong

Inaccurate Model

Contrast okay

Accurate Model

Contrast too weak

Inaccurate Model

Optimisation feedback loop

Maximising numerical alignment between sound predictions and field recordings as the feedback loop is iterated.