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S-Cube is a high-growth tech venture taking the energy industry by storm

We are known for creating revolutionary optimisation algorithms and software deployed cloud-natively on AWS. Now a leading provider of transformatory technology to some of the world's largest energy companies, S-Cube are looking to expand. 

To take us on our journey to be the leading technology provider to the energy sector and beyond, currently we are recruiting for the following positions:

  1. Graduate Algorithm Developer/Prototyper
  2. Graduate Software Developer
  3. Senior Software Developer 

You will be joining a team of close-knit highly-skilled developers who have contributed to the fast growth of the company delivering real-world impact to solve some of the most complex mathematical engineering challenges.

Our stack

  • Classical optimisation and deep learning core scientific parallelised workload - written in Fortran/C
  • Cloud infrastructure code - written mostly in Python leveraging many AWS services (EC2, Spot Fleet, S3, SQS, CloudWatch, Lambda) with Terraform, Serverless, Docker containers
  • Web-based visualisation interface - written in Angular against a Django backend

Our benefits

  • Competitive salary with unrivalled performance-related incentive scheme
  • Fast-paced working environment equipping you with the skills to take innovative ideas from proof-of-concept through to deployment
  • Culture of learning and experimentation at every opportunity with time for expanding your skills in the latest technologies and underlying mathematical theory

See below for more details and send your CV to if this sounds like you.​

Graduate Algorithm Developer/Prototyper

About the Position

We are seeking a talented Mathematics, Computer Science or Engineering graduate with an obsessive passion for predictive algorithms, to help us on our journey to becoming the leading technology service provider in the energy sector and beyond, interested in fundamental projects such as:

  • Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN’s) to be able to map seismic data from the elastic domain to the acoustic domain
  • Exploring Bayesian Optimisation techniques for hyperparameter tuning in non-linear optimisation 
  • Exploring theories and concepts to define and modify new loss functions to give the kinematic misfit between predicted and recorded sound

Skills and Requirements

You'd be a good fit if you can/have:

  • Maths, CS or Engineering degree from a top-ranked institution
  • a firm grasp of advanced undergraduate maths degree topics, in particular - Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Variational Principles, Optimisation, Machine Learning  
  • some experience or demonstrable interest in voice or sound recognition algorithms and related programming paradigms (something you might use the NumPy/SciPy/OpenCV stack for)
  • find your way around a Unix-y shell, and have some natural inclination towards automating things
  • familiarity (or can learn very quickly) with most of the languages and frameworks used in our stack
  • own problems end-to-end and willing to pick up whatever knowledge you're missing to get the job done 

Graduate Software Developer

About the Position

We are seeking a talented Computer Science or Engineering graduate who is passionate about technology and software development capable of:

  • creating python scripts and APIs to work on AWS for optimisation processes
  • managing and creating web sites to create novel and engaging data visualisations
  • deploying and managing our platform on AWS
  • work closely with other software engineers in an Agile process via discussions and code reviews to help foster an environment that encourages high-quality, robust systems 

Skills & Requirements:

You'd be a good fit if you have:

  • Computer Science or Engineering degree from a top-ranked institution
  • Python 3 development experience
  • Strong object-oriented programming fundamentals
  • Passion for development and problem solving
  • Angular experience
  • AWS experience

Senior Software Developer

About the Position

You'll be maintaining and improving on our AWS cloud platform for executing batch workloads on-demand, helping it scale more reliably, be more robust, and improve observability of the system.

Using the latest technologies, you’ll extend our platform to interact with new systems and solutions, as we seek to open our product to enable new integrations and data flows with high performance the emphasis.

Skills and Requirements

You'd be a good fit if you have:

  • Strong AWS Experience (3+ years)
  • Understanding of networking principles
  • Comfortable setting up ETL pipelines
  • Docker, Terraform, Serverless experience
  • Strong Python experience
  • Understanding of SOLID principles and software design patterns
  • Understand modern development practices (Agile, TDD/BDD, CI/CD systems)
  • Team player
  • Creative thinker
  • Good at communicating ideas to non-specialists
  • Java experience
  • C/C++ experience
  • Comfortable with modern JS frameworks (e.g. Angular)
  • Machine learning experience
S-Cube Cloud

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