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S-Cube Reaches the Finals of the Prestigious Lloyds Bank National Business Awards UK in Three Categories


S-Cube continues to gain national recognition for outstanding achievement and innovation after recently being announced as a finalist for three awards at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2020. S-Cube will compete for The Data Excellence Award, The Artificial Intelligence Award and The LDC Growth Through Innovation Award, the highest number of nominations for a single company.

Previous winners of the prestigious awards include Darktrace, now an established world-leader in Cyber AI, boasting a 3,500-strong international client base including blue chip names eBay and Samsung.

Since partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with energy majors Chevron and Woodside, S-Cube is continuing to revolutionise upstream energy workflows, leveraging machine-learning and cloud-native technology to deliver unrivalled subsurface intelligence.

Dr Nikhil Shah, S-Cube CEO, comments: “It’s a great honour to be considered for multiple awards and sharing the spotlight with so many successful businesses. These nominations are illustrative of S-Cube’s vision to harness AI and cloud computing to solve long-standing business problems in the energy industry.”

S-Cube’s distinguished XWITM provides the clearest and deepest images of the earth’s reflectivity, using highly sophisticated physical simulations of the entire wavefield to invert for complex subsurface features. A unique orchestration layer, which harnesses the full benefit of the cloud’s dynamic resource model, empowers clients to accelerate upstream E&P workflows, pin-point new discoveries and direct infrastructure-led subsurface drilling programmes, a source of huge capital expenditure for international energy companies.

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