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Goal: to reveal untapped sub salt prospectivity in currently obscured zones

S-Cube X-Wave Toolbox


X-Wave toolbox:

  • Adaptive Waveform Inversion (AWI)
  • Reflection Waveform Inversion (RWI)
  • Elastic Waveform Inversion (EWI)
  • Fault Tolerant Communications (FTC)

Complementary FWI cost functions minimizing prediction error in the data & image domains.

Results in an objective and repeatable 4-pass FWI sequence for redefining the salt geometry from scratch.

Gulf of Mexico Walker Ridge blind test

 Starts from no assumed salt

Pass 1: Constrained AWI

Approximates salt location

Pass 2: AWI

Defines salt geometry

Pass 3: Constrained RWI

Discovers sub salt background trend

Pass 4: Final AWI

Reveals accurate sub salt reflectivity

Legacy model - conventional workflow

Corrects legacy model errors 

Breakdown of base of salt reconstruction - resulting in sub salt reflectivity coherence 

S-Cube X-Wave Toolbox


  • No human bias - uses only FWI
  • No contamination from legacy model
  • Redefines salt geometry 


  • No preprocessing - uses only raw data  
  • No salt-picking or scenario testing 
  • Human effort minimised - fully hands off 


  • Existing OBN or WAZ datasets leveraged 
  • Ultra-low frequency survey acquisition bypassed 
  • Traditional workflows bypassed 


  • Base of salt reconstructed from scratch 
  • Accurate sub salt reflectivity 
  • Untapped prospectivity revealed in obscured zones 
S-Cube Cloud

Run Full Waveform Inversion on the Cloud

Use X-Wave FWI on AWS or Azure to redefine your salt geometry in under 4 weeks